Gilty Secrets of South Beach
MACCI presents Gilty Secrets SoBe 2009
MACCI Experience Design and our Event Planning Partners are exposing our favorite Secret hidden-away places for you to entertain your guests.  We have a variety of Luxe, Casual, Exotic or Kitsch venues that will offer your guests a unique experience they will only share with you!

MACCI will help you entertain your clients during HD Boutique at such 
venues as a SoBe Penthouse Suite, a Rooftop Lounge, a Beach Club in the Sand, a Posh Library, an Aphrodisiac Haven, an Alley Hideaway, a Filming Studio or a Hollywood Bowling Alley.  All cocktail receptions, dinners and 
late night clubbing designed and orchestrated for you and your guests by  MACCI Experience Design Team.