The MACCI Energy Explosion
Mac C Squared is the cornerstone of MACCI Design.  Today this is often referred to as the ”Wink,” the unexpected element that puts a smile on your face and confidence in your experience.  In this case, it is MAC C2, Ms. MacDonald’s Scottish, right-brained, Piscean wink with a Leo overtone.
Many many projects are completed with good design – in time and on budget.  Building materials, lighting, fabrics and furniture are imported from around the world offering a kaleidoscope of products and finishes to create exceptional hospitality interiors.  It is, however, the Mac C Squared that takes the hotel guest Out of his Box and fills him with joy.
Examples include the commission of a oil painting featuring a prominent MACCI client and his banker costumed in turn of the century bootlegging attire, that was secretly hung in the client’s Chicago Steak House.  MACCI has designed gilded coiled serpents that occasionally breathe smoke over a bar in Minneapolis and ‘An Muse Mint’ for The Muse Hotel on Times Square. Yet another surprise painting, this time in Belize, is a scantly dressed monkey named Cookie. She is featured in the Boardroom of the Bank of Belize. An eleven foot antique Totem Pole graces a golf course in Westchester, NY and The Four Paw Tango became the most popular spa treatment at the MACCI Health Circus.  
Ask MACCI to create an authentic wink customized for you.