Today’s savvy traveler is looking for more than a hotel stay. This traveler is seeking an experience that is positive, memorable and aligned with personal values. The hotelier who can successfully connect with each guest on this level creates an instant repeat customer… and effective word-of-mouth advertising.
At MACCI Design International, we work with owners, developers and operators to create a unique Lifestyle Experience through award-winning interior architecture and design. Our goal is to enhance value through solutions that are as exciting and original as they are intelligent and cost effective.
The Experience Design concept that we pioneered at the dawn of the well-documented “Experience Economy” recognizes the growing phenomenon of travelers who are seeking the totality of the experience.  This does not stop with architecture and interiors but encompasses entertainment, music, retail – all fused together and presented with a consistent message that is new, brimming with personality … perhaps even on the edge.
Most of all, the Experience Design approach satisfies the growing number of hotel guests seeking a genuine experience that supports the goal of their stay, whether for business or pleasure, traveling with colleagues or alone, or with family and friends.
At MACCI, we are passionate about partnering with with our clients to create one-of-a-kind designs that resonate with authenticity. Given the opportunity, MACCI will do the same for you.